Basic AppCode 3 Problems

Trying to create the simplest example similar to the JetBrains Screencast did not work.

Problem 1: After creating the basic project, no "xib" file was shown in Appcode 3 so I could edit the form. I had to first go into XCODE and create a view/form before it showed up in Appcode. I created a single view application for iPhone just like the example video on JetBrains.

Problem 2: Trying to run the form created in xcode now in AppCode gave me two errors (in Appcode). Here is one of them:

Error:Code Sign error: No matching codesigning identity found: No codesigning identities (i.e. certificate and private key pairs) matching “iPhone Developer” were found.

(Note that the view/form runs fine in XCODE).



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Are you trying to build a device target? Those require a certificate to build. Try switching to one of the simulator build targets.



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