Importing wrong modules in PyCharm 1.1

I asked a quesiton earlier that is related to this problem and got no response so I'll try again from a different angle.

When I upgraded from Python 1.0.1 to 1.1, my Google App Engine project would no longer run.  Ultimately, the problem seems to be that when I import mu own module in my own code it is first looking at the GAE path and trying to import that module - which fails and causes the error.

In this case, the module is called "" and is in the root of my app directory.  But rather than looking at that, it's looking at:


I thought maybe it was the order in which "Paths for selected interpreter" were listed in the project preferences but it just seems weird that those would be scanned before my own app.  But here's the list of paths in the aforementioned setting

Anything out of the ordinary?


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