problems with directories autocompletion

hi,  I have this folder structure c:\workspace\myproject\  In "myproject\" folder I have a "site_media\" folder which holds all static files (css, js, images, each on its own folder, ie css\ js\ images\). When I import or link files from this folder PyCharm cannot autocomplete it (like it used to do in the previous version).   For example when I want to do a

< img src="/site_media/images/bg.gif" / >

folder structure is not recognizable. The same happens when I want to do this: < link type="text/css" href="/site_media/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" />

. It says it cannot resolve file style.css  Page loads OK. Static files (css, js, images) are all loading normally when I load the page on my browser.   It seems as if c:\workspace\myproject\ is not a recognizable root point. What am I doing wrong?  PS: my PYTHONPATH environment variable is empty.

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