IdeaVim Wrap in AppCode 3

  using AppCode 3 for core Mac dev work and using the IdeaVim plugin.  Really happy with the IDE speed and functionality but I have a single issue that I cant seem to solve.

Since I run on a 24 inch display I want IdeaVim to wrap at 120 characters width.   However, I cant seem to find a way to make it work.

I have set the right margin in the Code Style -> General section of Preferences but IdeaVim seems to ignore this.

Can anybody help with this ?  It seems such a simple problem that I'm sure I've missed something but cant figure it out !

[Edit] - I have checked the settings in the Wrapping and Braces section of the Code Style preferences.  But I still dont get a wrapped "Method Call" in Vim, despite setting to "Wrap if too long" (as an example of something that doesnt wrap)



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Paul, do you have 'Preferences | Code Style General | Wrap when typing reaches right margin' enabled?

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  yes, it's set.  Doesnt help though.  By setting up the Wrapping preferences in the "Wrapping and Braces" section to always wrap when too long, most new code lines are now wrapped correctly.

But I have a number of exsiting method definitions and #define lines that are still not wrapped.



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could you report the version of IdeaVim?

Current version is 0.35:
Do you have a problem with the latest plugin IdeaVim as well?
It is fresh (2014-05-15 15:19:16)!

Alexey Utkin
AppCode developer


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