Generate extern for const variables


Does exit an action that can generate the extern parts for const variables?

For example:

In my .m, just after the imports:

NSString *const LMWebServiceStart = @"Start";
NSString *const LMWebServiceResultadoOK = @"ResultadoOK";
NSString *const LMWebServiceMembers = @"mb";
NSString *const LMWebServiceDeviceId = @"IdDevice";
NSString *const LMWebServiceGroupId = @"Descripcion";

Then I would like to select all this variables and with and action generate the externs of each variable in mi .h like this:

extern NSString *const LMWebServiceStart;
extern NSString *const LMWebServiceResultadoOK;
extern NSString *const LMWebServiceMembers;
extern NSString *const LMWebServiceDeviceId;
extern NSString *const LMWebServiceGroupId;

Is this possible? If not, how can it be requested as a feature?

Regards, David.

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there is no such at the moment, here is a request.


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