Indexing when AppCode doesn't have focus?

I notice that in the AppCode 2.1 release notes it indicates one of the major improvements is Background indexing and indexing optimisation.

But my normal workflow is to use command line tools to check out new versions of the code and our projects are generated with premake that will rewrite the xcworkspace after most fetches.  It seems that AppCode does not get notification of either of these operations and it's not until I command-tab back to AppCode that it starts wanting to update the index.  Is there any option to have this initiated when the app doesn't have focus?

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The 'Background indexing' refers to the previous behaviour where indexing popped up a dialog/progress bar, and you could not use the AppCode UI while it was still indexing.

I'm not aware of a setting to trigger indexing while AppCode remains in the background relative to other apps. I would guess that this is actively avoided to avoid spending a lot of time indexing (and re-indexing) stuff that changes while you're working with external tools and the project is in a transitional state.
If there is a switch to enable indexing while AppCode is not active, I'm not aware of it.


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