How can I change font's attribute in code completion popup?

Here's what I see, some fonts are in wrong style.
I use the font "Source Code Pro", and it doesn't support italic now, so I've unchecked every italic in the "Color & Font" setting.
But I cannot find the one in code completion, so where can I find the font setting for the weired style in the image?
屏幕快照 2014-04-30 上午12.02.04.png

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Source Code Pro is not yet fully supported, there is an issue in the tracker with the possible workaround.
Please check is it works in your case.

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This link does not solve my problem.
AppCode doesn't support source code pro italic now, I know this, so I just want to find an font option so that I can uncheck the "italic" for the pop up completion  font.

But I haven't found one yet.

And, thank you for your help!

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Ji, my apologies for the delay - we were busy with AppCode 3.0 EAP.

There is no italic in the completion and it's not possible to configure the popup apart from the editor.
Could you please check if the other fonts suffer same problem or not. If not, please add screenshots of the very same popup list with Source Code Pro and with another font so we could compare.


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