Creating subclass

I am still relativeley new to Appcode.

I tried to creatte a subclass, but I only saw the option to create a new class.

In Xcode, if you create a subclass you get some nice templates already inserted if you create a new class which is a subclass class from as exemple  the UITableViewController.

Are this templates also somewhere in Appcode and is there an explicit way to crete a subclass of another class?

I also tried the option to create File from Xcode template, but this just does nothing...


Roger, currently the "New Class" dialog doesn't contain the "superclass" field, but we have the request for it: You can vote for it.
You can use anoter dialog "New File from Xcode template" and choose "Objective C class" there. Does this work for you?


Hello Alexander

Thank you I quickly voted for it.

Unfortunatley the "New File from Xcode template" doesn't work at all. If I select it or launch it from the action menu, nothing happends. Not even a dialog box or anything appears.


Very strange. We can't reproduce it. Could you please create the new issue in our tracker and attach the sample project (where it's reproducible)? Also please report your Xcode version, AppCode version and attach the log (Help | Show Log in Finder)


I have currently a deadline for next week, but once that is over I will look into it and try it with a sample project.

Thank you for your fast answer.


I had this same problem for a while and it turned out to be a 3rd party template (from iSGL3D) that caused parsing issues in AppCode. I just removed the templates since I never use them anyway and voila.


To add some small details to this process:

  1. File > New...
  2. "File from Xcode Template" (currently 3rd option from the bottom of the pop-up box)
  3. iOS > Cocoa Touch (left hand column of "Create file from Xcode template" window)
  4. Objective-C class (right hand column of "Create file from Xcode template" window)
  5. Next (bottom right of "Create file from Xcode template" window)
  6. File name > yourClass
  7. Subclass of > superclass
  8. Finish (bottom right of "Create file from Xcode template" window)

Roger, have you solved the problem or do you need furhter assistance?


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