How can I debug iOS app in AppCode without codesigning identity?

Hi, all
I've download AppCode today and try to develop iOS app.

I created iOS "Single Page Application", when I run it, I got the following error
"Code Sign error: No matching codesigning identity found: No codesigning identities (i.e. certificate and private key pairs) matching “iPhone Developer” were found."

I searched on Google, and many people said I need a developer key and public/private key pairs. But I can run the app inside Xcode without any key pairs.

So, how can I do that in AppCode? I don't want to generate any key pairs and register apple developer id right now. I just want to try it first.

Thanks in advance!


Ji, please make sure that you have iPhone or iPad Simulator selected in the dropdown menu in the toolbar.


aha, that solved my problem! Thank you!
The default choice is "iOS device",does this mean debug on the real iOS device?


Yes, when you have "iOS Device" selected AppCode tries to build your app for a real device, and that requires a certificate.


ok, I understand.

Thank you for your answer, that helped me a lot!


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