File not parsed / removed from Open File Dialog in large project

I have a very large ObjC/C++ project (23k files and growing.)  When I open the workspace for the project I can hit command shift O while it's indexing and see a particular .mm file is listed.  Once indexing is complete however, it is not listed, only it's .h is listed.  However, if I navigate to the directory in the project viewer, it is listed there.  If I open it from the project viewer, then it has the minimum of syntax highlighting applied.  (Comments and literals are, not types or variable names.)  Is this a known issue with a workaround or shall I open a bug?  I tried some searches but didn't see anything about it.

EDIT: I have also already tried to Invalidate Cache and restart.  As I'm looking at it right now it's after 'Updating symbols...' finishes that it disappears from the open file dialog.



Is this file included into your project or it's just placed into the project directory?
May be you can create a sample project? Or make a screencast at least for us to have a look?


I can send solution/project files via E-Mail if you let me know where and any special subject.  The mostly redacted images that still show the issue are attached:

This shows the file is in the project, and what our context is which then matches to:

That the file is indeed in the target that matches the context.  Again while the index is updating after loading it will show up, it just drops out after indexing is done.


Send please the sample project to our support address: appcode-support at We'll have a look and come back shortly.


Sorry for the radio silence here.  I haven't been able to get the time to create the sample project that shows this.  However, in the current EAP it does not occur, while it still does in 2.5.1.  So as long as 3.0 fixes it I'm happy.


Thanks for the update, Doug;
the problem may have been related to the files outside of the project root. This issue has been fixed in 3.0 EAP.

Anyway, please let us know if you see anything like that again.


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