Issues with new UI Designer

Hi!  I'm excited about the new UI Designer in the AppCode 3.0 EAP.  However, I'm having some issues while using it.

1) Clicking on an outlet does not highlight or in any way indicate what object on the canvas is connected to that outlet, as it does in XCode Interface Builder.

2) Can't move items on the canvas with the arrow keys

3) Almost impossible to move a view controller scene in a story board.  Clicking on the scene will select its innermost view, and dragging does nothing with that.  It seem like the only option is to select the view controller from the listing on the left and then very carefully click the 1 - 2 pixel blue border that appears around the view controller and drag it.  If you are off by a pixel on your click, you have to go back and reslect from the list on the left and try again.

4) Dragging objects around on the canvas immediately causes them to jump to the left.  The object appear to remain in its original location while a ghosted copy of the object's contents follow the cursor (but offset to the left).  Expected behavior:  The object does not show as remaining in its original location, the object follows the cursor while dragging, anchored in the same place that was originally clicked, and the border / frame for the object is visible while it is being dragged.  Screenshot of current behavior:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.18.09 AM (2).png

Are these known issues?  Are there alternate workflows / shortcut keys / workarounds in place?



Hello Daniel,

This is only the EAP version and of course we plan to make UI Designer better till the release time.
Here are some issues we have around it: - Xcode-like keyboard mappings - Zoom - connect with Ctrl-drag - jumping objects - about outlets


Thanks Anastasia!  


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