Trying to install on Ubuntu 10.10

I was thrilled to win a licence trough Pycon. So I have downloaded and upacked the dl to the Pycharm dir ( kept the unpacked dir in Downloads) and I have tried to run from within the bin directory located under pycharm1.2, all I'm getting is not found

tom@tom-Satellite-A105:~/Downloads/pycharm-1.2/bin$ command not found

the shell file is sure there?
I was concerned that I had not installed the sun JDK so I did that to no avail..
I'm still pretty new to Ubuntu so I'm probably missing something really simple here..
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Ok figured out I needed to back up one directory and use the command bin/ like so

tom@tom-Satellite-A105:~/Downloads/pycharm-1.2/bin$ cd ..

tom@tom-Satellite-A105:~/Downloads/pycharm-1.2$ bin/

Now I just have to figure out how to change the default JDK from open to Sun

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