Problem integrating with JIRA tasks

I'm trying out the Tasks & Contexts feature in AppCode and have connected to our JIRA instance under "configure servers...".

I am able to list the tasks assigned to me, as expected, generate a commit message, etc.

However, when I switch to a JIRA task (1852) and select the option to mark it as "In Progress", I get the error:  "Could not set state for 1852".  I also noticed that AppCode is not listed as an authorized app in my JIRA profile, even though it's clearly accessing my account.

Could anyone shed some light on what the problem might be?  I wonder if it is a custom workflow issue, since we do have custom workflows, although we do have an "In Progress" state.  Does anyone have experience getting AppCode tasks working with JIRA workflows?

Also:  what does the "Share URL" checkbox mean in the configure server options, and what does the "Add Commit Message" checkbox do in the same options panel?  I see a commit message being added whether that box is checked or not.



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