Is search for file/symbol/class configurable to treat the typed string as substring?


I just installed and configured pycharm 1.2 on MacOS and I am very impressed. Great product!!

One last thing and I am ready to switch from my previous editor: When I search for a class/file/symbol(i.e. GoTo>>Class), I noticed that it searches by treating the typed string as a prefix of the file/symbol/class. Is it possible to configure the search to treat the typed string as a substring?

So if I have the files:

I would like to type 'fo' in the search box and see both the files (same for symbols & classes)



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The 'Go To -> Class... / File...' searches seem to be able to work with the '*' wildcard, so if I enter '*fo*', they find all entries which contain the substring 'fo' (I am on Windows, PyCharm 1.2).

Searching for substrings in the text editor can be done by using Regular Expressions as the '*' will be interpreted as a character and not as a wildcard.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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I should have probably thought of this. I tried it and works fine!!  Thanks


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