monospace Inconsolata, or adding other fonts on Linux

I like the Inconsolata font, and I managed to get it added to the font list, but it only shows up if I disable the "only show monospaced fonts" check-box.  And indeed, while it really ought to be a monospaced font, the bold variant is wider than the others.  For example:


This is especially annoying for indentation, because a bold space is wider than a normal space.

Has anyone been able to get a properly monospaced version of inconsolata to load, or been successful in adding other fonts on Linux?

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Sorry for posting three years later, but in case someone else finds this...

After much research, I came to believe that the problem with the width of bold text in Inconsolata is built into the font, so a solution may only be found if someone uses fontforge to create an alternative that performs as desired.

To your final question, yes, most fonts can be added to Linux (at least in my example on Ubuntu) easily; you just open them (even within a zip archive) with the system font viewer (which is the default action for opening .otf and .ttf files) and then click the "install" button if you like the font as shown in the viewer.

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