PyCharm and Webstorm

I've tried PyCharm and Webstorm demos and I really liked them. Here are two questions:

  1. Which of the features of Webstorm are not present in PyCharm?
  2. Will there ever be a Community version of PyCharm (or Webstorm) license (like you offer for IDEA)?

The reason I ask it instead of just buying them both is I don't intend to make money with your products, and being just a hobby (i.e. solving problems on project Euler or mantaining my homepage) my coding doesn't qualify for an Open Source license either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a freebie, just trying to manage my expenses. If everything I need in Webstorm comes with PyCharm, I will maybe buy a Personal license while the spring sale lasts.

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PyCharm is not a strict superset of WebStorm at the moment. WebStorm includes some plugins (for example, SQL support) which are not included in PyCharm at the moment. However, all the HTML/CSS/JS features are the same in both products.


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