Red Folders in Project Tab

What do "red folders" in the projet tab mean? There are no files missing, Xcode does not give me any similar indication and I couldn't find this explained anywhere.

Also, why are some folder icons more saturated than others? Are these folder references vs groups?

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those red grouos are groups what miss associated folder.
You can check and fix the group's folder in Xcode's Utilities tab:
Screenshot 2014-01-17 11.52.38.png

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Difference in transparency serves as an indication of how group structure of the project maps to the file structure on disk. Opaque icon means that group (and all its ancestors) reflects the directory structure of the project (one group = one directory with the same name). Transparent icon means that group only serve to, well, group several files - many project have files physically stuffed in a single directory but still organized in groups. This is an indication for people who care about such things and doesn't affect anything else much.

Folder references are blue in AppCode (like in Xcode).


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