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- Is there any good reason not to use smart complete as the "default"?  I've switched Control-Space and Control-Shift-Space in the keymap (because i'm used to hitting Control-Space) so I guess I'll see.

- Is there any way to get the auto-popup to be the smart completion?  When i'm typing in a the first few letters of a variable that I'm passing to a method, and the autopopup comes up, I really would like the first item to be a local variable that has the right type, instead of the other 3 variables with the same prefix that are the wrong type.

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Smart-completion can't be a default, since it only suggests suitable by type items and if I want to make an indirect call, I will not get any intermediate variants by smart-completion:

-(void)foo: (Item*)person;
-(void)bar: (ItemRegistry*)registry {
  [self foo: reg|] // here i would like to call something like registry.personNyName:

Still, we are striving to making auto-completion as convenient as possible, so one doesn't need to invoke smart-completion too often.


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