AppCode 2.5.4 dmg file corrupted

I'm trying to install AppCode 2.5.4 from the file available to download on the site.
When trying to open the dmg file its says "image data corrupted", and when I opened the file with skipping the dmg verification proccess I can extract AppCode itself to another folder.
If I open AppCode straight from the dmg, it opens and run smooth, but I can't move it to Applications folder (or any other folder).

I asked a friend to download and try to install AppCode on his mac, and its the same, so it must be a bad file on Jetbrain's site.

Any thoughts?


Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.45.43 AM.png
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So far there were no complaints about the dmg corruption. What's your OS X version? Please try to download the previous releases -

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AppCode 2.1 works good...
but I really want to use the latest version of course.

actually I had a friend trying to install from the same file (he downloaded it seperately) and it showed the same error.

I'm using Mavericks

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I tried to download the image, and it seems ok for me, no warnings when mounting the dmg.

You can try downloading the 2.5.3 dmg file, and letting the auto-update take you up to 2.5.4.

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Works like a charm :)

thank you!

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I also have the same problem. Downloading 2.5.3 works fine as a workaround. But I assume most first-timers don't go to the forums.

OS X 10.9.1


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