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I tried to use AppCode with my existing project written in XCode. There are approximately 6000 images and sound files in project as a resources. Everytime when I run app on emulator, build process copies all these resources. This even occures if no changes were made in project. XCode simply skips files that already exist and build process takes like 2 seconds. But in AppCode this takes 11 sec. Is there a way to speed up the process? Thanks in advance!

upd: Well, seems like the problem is not about copying resources, but something else. Maybe there is a way to see detailed build log?

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to watch full build log in AppCode please open Messages Tool Window and click on 'Show Build Log' button.

In case you rerun project with no changes made then steps connected with creating project structure, processing, compiling and copying should be missed. Could you please check two cases and send me build log:
1. Clean build folder (Run -> Clean Build Folder) and clean product (shift+cmd+K), run project and check build log
2. Do not make any changes and run project again without cleaning

Please contact me directly to e-mail:


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