Large mm files are not being indexed

I just opened a really old project that happens to have some really large files in it.

one is 15589 lines, the other a whopping 24780

indexing on both of these files is not working, live templates, find usages, etc all dont work on these two files.

is there anything I can do?

currently using 2.5.1


tried to set idea.max.intellisense.filesize to a large number and no luck.


Exuse me for the late response.

Are those files belong to some target or used by other source files which do?


Yes, they are both part of the main target, and also used by other files that are part of the main target for the project.


Dave, in AppCode 2.5.x we disabled the IntelliSense for files larger than 500K, because AppCode becomes unresponsive on very large files. Is there any chance to split this file to several files of smaller size?
I've created an issue - be able to alter this setting:


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