Code completion for methods with no parameters

Is there a way to get code completion to replace dots with square brackets when selecting methods that have no parameters?  I understand that dot notation is still legal syntax for calling this type of method in objective c, but I would prefer to have all of my method calls encased in square brackets for consistency.

Being new to objective c, and coming from a .net background, being able to use dot syntax to see the available methods and properties on an object is a real help for me.  However having to constantly manually remove the dots for parameterless methods is a bit of a hassle.  



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Hi Paul,
AppCode does exactly this thing - it allows completion of the methods in the dot notatin, but replaces the dot notation with the brackets notation when you finish the completion. However, if your method is a property accessor, it keeps the dot notation. Also if your method has a form of setter (one parameter and non-void return type) there is a pair of intention actions that convert the dot notation to brackets notation and vice versa.
Does it work for you?


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