What are the proper steps for configure Sphinx for PyCharm?

Greetings everyone, had a quick question about getting Sphinx running from within PyCharm (Tools > Restructure Text > Sphinx actions > Run Sphinx make targets...).  I've got Sphinx installed and I can run a build (make html) from the command line, what further steps do I need to take to get the Sphinx actions in PyCharm to work?  I've run Sphinx quickstart from Tools > Restructured Text > Sphinx actions and set my Python Intergarted Tools settings to what I believe are the proper values.  I'm taking the following steps:

1. Tools > Restructure Text > Sphinx actions > Run Sphinx make targets...

2. On the next window ("Enter Sphinx task name"), I type "html" and press enter

3. On the next window ("make make"), I leave the field blank and click "OK".

This produces an error window with the text:

Cannot run program "make" (in directory "C:\development\riot-site\python\docs\source"): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Any ideas about how I can go about troubleshooting this?  My assumption was that if i could run Sphinx from the commandline, it should work within PyCharm with minimal setup.  It would be pretty helpful if that were the case, or at the very least if there were better documentation for verifying/troubleshooting Sphinx setup as it relates to PyCharm.  Thanks for any info!


Hi Seth,

"Python Integrated Tools -> Path to the directory with *.rst files:" should point to the directory

containing sphinx generated conf.py file and makefile.

Does "C:\development\riot-site\python\docs\source" contain makefile and conf.py?


I've tried pointing Python Integrated Tools -> Path to the directory with *.rst files at various directories all containing the requisite files, but the result is always the same.  I'm actually a little confused by this because sphinx-quickstart places conf.py and the make files in different directories.  Is there a specific set of options that need to be set when running sphinx-quickstart in from PyCharm?


Hi Seth,

We'll improve usability in new versions.

If you run sphinx-quickstart from PyCharm -- conf.py file and makefile will be placed to the directory chosen as "Path to the directory with *.rst files" or to the project home (if "Path to the ... " is empty).

If you've already created that files -- "Path to the directory with *.rst files" should point to the  directory containing makefile and conf.py file.


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