Can we add file type from pyCharm into AppCode?

I love Appcode but one thing that seems a bit off is that it has a limited number of file types that it supports.

We have lots of python scripts that I use for our build process, we have javascript files we use for external tools and even a little java thrown in for good measure.

It's incredibly unwielding to have to have three different apps to work on a single project. moving back and forth between tabs with a common find panel is the prefered way to work.

I dont need fancy bells and whistles of pyCharm, just need syntax highlighting really.

It seems that each of these apps is built on a common foundation, I just have no idea why you would completely exclude support for particular file types.

Or at least have a code editing solution that supports everything.

Even within multiple obj x projects, having multiple projects is very unwieldly. I have a common library that multiple projects use. If I refactor something in the library, I want to refacter each of the three projects at that time and haivng the relavent source files in tabs in the same browser with the ability to find usages in all three projects would be amazingly helpful.

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are file type modules portable from one jetbrains app to the other?

just want to add really basic python support to app code. mainly just colors.

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Dave, sorry for late response.
File types are not easily portable as different IDEs have different structure of the project. And doing simple coloring would mean no smart features which is unexpected and annoying considering this is an IDE from JetBrains.

I believe you can achieve simple coloring for many languages including Python with "TextMate bundles support" plugin - Try it - it should help to solve this issue for you.


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