WebStorm & ReactJS: Incompatible override and returned expression XML is not assignable to ReactElement


Is there any way to either fix the inspections on the screenshots or get rid of them? I've got all the libraries installed needed (in the language preferences) but WebStorm is still treating JSX as XML.

Also why is WebStorm telling me that the keys of the props object are unresolved? 

Thanks for any help.

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can you attach a project that shows up the issue? Just a single .jsx with all these errors plus your libraries, so that I can see what your project configuration looks like?

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In my case the main problem as it shown on https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/user_images/Px5e2xzGgcOibTv7C2QY3A.png

Is it the project settings issues that webstorm defines jsx as xml and can't match the type with jsdoc?


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