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I'm a pretty big PHPStorm user, and one of its best features is its robust support of phpDoc when using code completion. I'm having a lot of trouble getting the same level of support in pycharm however. To be honest, I can't get it to work at all for the most part.

Lets say I have the following code:

class Dispatcher(object):

     """ :ivar bot.commands.OperatorEventRegistry registry:
     registry = None

     """ :ivar bot.protocol.BotProtoco:
     protcol = None

     def __init__(self, protcol, registry):
          :param bot.commands.OperatorEventRegistry registry:
          :param bot.protcol.BotProtocol protcol:
          self.registry = registry
          self.protcol = protcol

The docblock given does not seem to work. I get no code completion when I use self.protocol or self.registry in other methods - there are no methods shown for bot.protocol.BotProtcol nor OperatorEventRegistry.

What exactly is the syntax for getting this to work?

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Please try removing the trailing colons after the parameter names. I don't think they are required by anything,

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I removed the trailing colons and now one of the variables (Request) autocompletes, but not the other. And thats only in local scope - self.request still has no autocompletion, even with an :ivar annotation.


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