Mac OS X Services for Text not available?

Hello, I'm trying out AppCode and just got version 2.5.

I have some text-processing scripts which I've installed as Mac OS X Services.  They appear with other text services in the Xcode's Services menu when I select text in Xcode.  But when I select text in AppCode, the Services menu says No Services Apply.  Why might that be?


Jerry Krinock

(P.S.  My scripts could do more and ran much faster in Xcode 3, when I could install them as Xcode User Scripts, a wonderful feature which sadly Apple eliminated in Xcode 4.)

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unfortunately, due t currento Java-restriction we cannot add services support to AppCode. Please follow this issue report.
What functions exactly do you need? Probably they are already available in AppCode.

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Until the issue mentioned by Anton is fixed you may try to integrate your scripts with Preferences | External Tools

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Thank you, guys.  As I mentioned, Services are a rather slow and sucky replacement for the User Scripts feature that went away in Xcode 4, anyhow.  External Tools looks more promising.

So, let's forget about Services.  I conditionally withdraw my implicit "vote" for Services.


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