Thanks for this feature (and for 2.5 anyway)

I've been abord Appcode since the alpha phase 2 yeras ago, and finally I am really in love with it and do 70-80% of my work with it. Thanks!

I just dled the 2.5 release and saw the recent addition of these method-line separators - how cool is that! You guys really are the Apple of the IDE's - you get the things that are necessary for good craftsmanship.

Keep it going :-)
BTW: how are those separator line called?
Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 23.59.01.png

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Hello Ray.

Glad to hear you like 2.5. Please tell us how we could make you 99% happy with AppCode :)

As for method separator it's an old feature - it just happens to be enabled by default in this release. You can find its setting (and many other editor options) at Preferences |  Editor | Appearance | Show method separators.

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99,9% ? Brain to Editor :-)

I still havn't explored all features of AppCode. I think that newcomers (and me and all) would benefit of a video learning course, because (sorry to say) the most available videos are not of great quality (bad audio, tiny screen). I recently saw a nice one from Rob Napier Also last week on the Macoun in Frankfurt Chris Eidhoff ( held a talk using AppCode that was really, really cool. He was refactoring a ViewController that (typically) had a lots too many lines of code - and he used Appcodes 'automatic code health features' over and over. Unfortunately they didn't record that track on video...

Anyways, thanks again for the old/new feature I mentioned.

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We'll try to fill the lack of documentation and tutorials courses. Stay tuned.


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