Re: Code completion locks keyboard, please fix this

Hello tanner,

Please attach ~/Library/Logs/PyCharm10/idea.log

After upgrading to 1.5.2 (from 1.2.1) whenever the code completion

pops up it doesn't allow me to use the keyboard to select an option or

finish typing the code. The only way to continue is to press escape or

click outside. Double clicking a completion option does work


In order to continue using PyCharm I had to turn auto completion off

because typing one character then hitting escape for an entire project

is not acceptable. One of th main reasons I purchased PyCharm was

because I wanted the code completion so this really devalues the

entire application for me. I waited until version 1.5.3 thinking it

would be fixed but after upgrading a few minutes ago it is still not

functioning properly.

/beg JetBrains, please fix this


Mac OSX 10.6.7


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Dmitry Jemerov

Development Lead

JetBrains, Inc.

"Develop with Pleasure!"


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