Best way to run nose tests in PyCharm if you use buildout

We use buildout for our Django project. We use the pbp.recipe.noserunner buidout recipe that constructs our nose test script that adds the eggs to the path that buildout downloads and also passes the options that we configure to buildout, ie. using our custom Nose plugin.  Is there a way to use this noserunner script buildout generates in PyCharm to be able to run and debug tests? If not, is there a way to configure the noserunner included in PyCharm to run like out buildout runner? We have a nose plugin that setups the test environment much like Django tests that we need to use.

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Travis,

unfortunately, we don't support custom nosetest runners in PyCharm. Also you can pass only standart parameters to nosetest runner in PyCharm.

You can try to create usual run configuration using your custom noserunner so you'll be able to run/debug tests. But PyCharm will not show tests tree in that case.

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I saw that there was a way to pass our parameter options to the noserunner. Is there anyway to se the Python path? Does the runner use the path from buildout?


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