Can AppCode automatically add files?

I've been a long time IDEA user (and fairly new to Objective-C), and one of the features I really appreciate is being able to copy or move a file into a project, and have IDEA automatically detect it. One of the things that really bothers me with XCode is how every single external file has to be explicitly added. And unfortunately, AppCode perpetuates this behavior with the "Add Files" command.

While I'm sure the existing behavior makes a lot of sense to developers coming from XCode, in the future might it be possible for AppCode to mimic the IDEA-behavior, of detecting files automatically? Or maybe throwing up a prompt asking me what to do, if it detects new files in the project directory? Or are there technical reasons why this wouldn't work with XCode projects.


such a feature would indeed be nice and we already have a request on our plan.


That's awesome, glad to hear it's already being tracked!


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