Lizence Collision Detected having AppCode opened twice with the same licence

Since 2.0 release there seems to be a new license consciousness in AppCode: if you open AppCode twice in the same network with one license, you get a modal box which says "License Collision Detected - this license is being used elsewhere  .. blabla   only one user can use the license".

Guys, honestly, thats crap. I can choose to swap the licence back and forth between Macs, but hey: I paid for it - I don't want to be treated like a damned Microsoft user that tries to activate a XP license, which was bought used for $10 on eBay.

Please, rethink your decision. AppCode is nice, 2.0 is really nicenice, but I can't imagine anyone that would accept this paranoid behaviour. I have licensed this product for 1 user (me), and I don't want to be asked such questions, when using the license on my mobile Mac and my home Mac. Period.

A customer of AppCode, Intellij (sinceyears) and PhpStorm.


Hi Ray,

Thanks a lot for the honest expression of your feelings.
We apreciate you being a long-time customer. And good to know you like the recent AppCode 2.0 release.

But to the subject...

This behavior is actually not new and all our IDEs has always worked like this.
Our personal license agreement allows you installing the software with your key on any number of your computers but only allows using one at a time. I think it works this way since IntelliJ IDEA 1.0

You have probably noticed that the current behaviour only blocks you from using the IDE on both computers at a time. You can still have it running. You do not code on both simultaneously, right?

Anyway, good that you brought up this subject. We will review this and chances are we'll change it somehow.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best regards,


This behaviour is actually new in AppCode 2.0 - definitely. I always have my IDE's opened on both of my Macs, and there never was a "Licence Collision" with AppCode 1.x. If there would have been, I'd never paid the upgrade for another year.

Even worse than that: I just had a situation, where I couldn't fix the license message by clicking "yes" by activating the current computer (AppCode wasn't even running on the second Mac!). Only possible solution: pressing "no" = close AppCode. And no, I won't report a bug explaining everything I did, I just don't have the time. I never gave anyone my purchased license code (and never will). So the bug is on your side - I'm not your beta-tester.

Another statement from you: "You do not code on both simultaneously, right?" Come on! That argument is like 15 years old. Of course I want to have my favourite IDE open on both of my Macs e.g. for comparing code etc. It's always open. Even if AppCode 2.0 is indexing quicker than 1.x - it's still slow, and I'm not willing to wait the time just because you guys don't want to give me the freedom of having 2 Macs running the same license.

Sorry, but meanwhile I'm a quite p**** . If AppCode was the great, outstanding product you think is, I'd get a second license just to get rid of the crap messages. But AppCode is still in a state where I can't recommend it to collegues, since I still get Git root errors, build errors etc. This is a behaviour that you should correct before thinking about changing the licence policy. Make it possible for at least 2 Macs to have AppCode opened.





we'll check if anything has indeed changed in terms of licensing logic in AppCode 2.0 and let you know.
Meanwhile, if you are not satisfied with the current state of AppCode 2.0, we'll readily provide the full refund.

Anton Makeev


This is the slap in the face response I got from intellij support.

It's a known limitation of the license and this behavior is described in the licensing agreement, see .

I'm sorry but this is preventing me from "Develop with pleasure!".


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