Goto symbol in current file.

hi! i'm looking for a best shortcut to navigate between methods/symbols in my current file.
Cmd+Alt+O is a great shortcut, but is search in all projects so is a bit dispersive.

Actually i use two ways:
1. "Search". I press cmd+f and digit some letters of my methods, cmd+g for search next, esc to end search.

2. "Structure". I press cmd+7 to jump to jump to project structure, then press some letters or move with arrows, esc to jump on code.

there is a better way?


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Cmd-F12 will pop up a list with all methods/fields/properties.
Type some part of a name with it showing, and it will narrow the list to match what you've typed.
And it will match anywhere in the name, so you can skip any common prefixes.


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