AppCode's bleak future?

I'm considering buying a copy of AppCode, but unfortunately it appears JetBrains has thrown little support behind developing it, which is very uninspiring for my interest in it.

Apparently a small team of developers at JetBrains with little or nothing to do, managed to scrape together pieces of their other IDE applications, and slap a new title on it called AppCode.

There is very little documentation for the app, and zero help files, which makes it obvious that this app isn't a high priority at JetBrains.

I'm guessing AppCode is a trial balloon for JetBrains to see if there's any interest first, BEFORE developing a solid product, rather than taking a normal approach to app development, which is starting with a good idea, developing a solid product from that idea, and then the interest and customer base builds.

I shouldn't have to go to a blog or user forum for answers to basic functionality that clearly belongs in an integrated help file.

Anyone else leery of buying a copy of this because JetBrains appears to have little interest in throwing their weight behind it?


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