AppCode 2.5 and still not full c++11

like structure field initializer, better auto support. does anyone else know if there are some tricks or hidden settings to improve the internal syntax check or disable certrain warnings/errors?
thx a lot in advance


we understand the importance of C++ support; unfortunatelly, not everything got into first AppCode 2.5 EAP.
But it is not the final version and we are still working on improvements - you can expect C++ fixes in the following builds.


i know and its not easy to parse but is there a setting i coulnt find to configure the errors and warning for the syntax checking without disabling all of them?
and thx for prompt feedback.


David, you can disable syntax check on the statusbar (this will disable all inspections and intentions as well):
Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 14.55.52 .png


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