Using PyCharm with Sage

Has anyone been able to use PyCharm with the Python interpreter distributed with Sage reliably in Mac OS X?  If so, do you have any general tips and tricks to share about your configuration?  I've tried, but quickly got errors I could not figure out.  However, since I'm new to both Sage and PyCharm, I'm not sure if I should give up or persevere.  I like the notebook interface of Sage.  It would be great if I could also benefit from the power of PyCharm in larger projects.

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Sage can now be installed as a package using Anaconda (see Once installed, the Anaconda sage interpreter should show up in PyCharm settings. The process is relatively straightforward.


Note to JetBrains: this functionality is only available for Linux/Mac OS X. Otherwise, it is difficult on a Windows machine to get PyCharm to recognize the python interpreter provided by any Sage installation. This issue makes it impossible to use Sage in tandem with PyCharm on Windows.


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