Tell us about the apps you develop with AppCode

Hi, Guys!

First of all, we express our appreciation for your help and support - it is very important to us.

We are often asked with questions like 'Who uses AppCode?'; and we, surely, would love to give an impressive answer for such questions.
That is why we ask you to tell us about the apps you develop with AppCode, maybe with a link an a brief description of the app.

Next time we are asked we will be prepared! ;)

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team


Hi Anton,

I've been using AppCode since way back in the private beta (when it was called CIDR :-) and my app Live UK Train Departures was created using it. Live UK Train Departures ( uses the official UK National Rail live trains feed to give users live real-time UK train times and platform numbers in a native, easy to read format. It has sold thousands of copies, and has been the Number 1 paid Trains app in the UK app store a number of times.

I consider it a great success and AppCode has been instrumental in this; AppCode very much eased my beginner's steps into Objective-C, helping me learn, develop good coding practice and avoid common pitfalls. Also as time goes by having a great tool to work on the app means that I am continually motivated to add new features and improve it further.

Way back during beta testing I suggested that you provide some sort of badge that could be displayed in your users' applications - 'Built using AppCode' or something similar - to help promote your excellent product.  You guys said back then that it was a good idea but nothing ever came of it - are you still thinking to do this? I'd be quite happy to include this in my app's About screen.

I hope this info helps, and thanks for continuing to improve what is already a fantastic IDE.



Thanks, Nathan!
Frankly speaking, we've forgotten about the badge. But now, that you have reminded us, we'll at last do ant we'll anounce it in the blog when it is ready (


I work for Mutual Mobile in Ausin. (The company has grown from 5 UT students 3 years ago to over 300 employees today, we may have surpassed 400.)

I am currently working on an application for a major health insurance company, team of about a dozen: 3 iOS and 3 Android devs, 3 server devs (python/django), 2 Designers, PM and test. The application currently has 70+ screens! Yeah a bit much but it will be an incredible app, many features are very cool. My favorite is Provider location by zip or gps and filtered by specialty. (Probably saying too much already.)

If the app wasn't targeted exclusively to this insurance company's customers I imagine it would be a featured app easily.

AppCode's analysis feature has generated a lot of interest, I believe 2 devs have bought licenses for this feature alone. Of course as I show folks its power its generating a lot of interest.


I can't tell you who I'm doing it for, or go into excessive details; but I'm making a movie editor (like iMovie) combined with a video portal (like youtube) using appcode.

It is a huge and labrious task - but is a daily pleasure thanks to appcode.

In one month I wrote 20,000 lines of code and 6,000 lines of comments. The month before I was on xcode and was 1/3 as productive.

It is simply because appcode keeps me in the zone.

More assistance, less keystrokes, better workflow.

I'm easily doing the work of 3 people right now - which would not be possible without your excellent product.

I'll let you know more when it goes live :)


And I want to add to that further.
My code is CLEAN.

no typos, no crap named variables, good abstraction, small methods, good encapsulation.

Because appcode makes the important stuff easy.

I love you guys!


I'm software lead at CommandFusion ( and I work on many things. This includes developing our flagship iViewer remote control product for iOS (using AppCode of course) but also the Android version (using IntelliJ IDEA) and working on the JavaScript APIs and plugins for iViewer (using WebStorm). Oh and when I showed WebStorm to other team members, they jumped on it right away.

In short, we've become a JetBrains shop. How cool is that?

Originally, it's IntelliJ IDEA that sold me on your other products. I would never have thought an IDE written in Java could be faster and more enjoyable to use than a native IDE like XCode, yet it's the case.

You guys have made a terrific generic IDE that's surpassing everything else out there. I love AppCode, I love all the little details that make it so smart, the refactoring of course but also the inspections, very well thought out completions, and all the productivity features that come with every one of your IDEs. I'm amazed that you got it working so well with Objective-C. I also use it for straight C and C++ code, and am looking at some integration for the Qt build toolchain.

Keep up the great work - can't wait to see what you guys will come up with!


I'm a freelance developer, and I've been using AppCode in every iOS project I've been involved with. That means GetAcross, GetPorto, and a couple others for enterprise deployment.

I can't do anymore without AppCode. Sure, there are shortcomings, but the increase in productivity thanks to improved completion, formatting and overall code organization, paired with the higher quality that AppCode inspections help deliver is unmatched. Great works guys, and I'm sure AppCode will get better and better over time.


I'm making game for iphone and ipad and will make all apps after through appcode.

When I used xcode, I felt stuffiness because it was slow and inconvenienced.
But appcode gives me speed and convenience.
So I have felt pleasure through appcode.

Over the past year I've been using AppCode almost exclusively on an Indie project that ... I daren't actually say anything about yet (it's too different to anything else out there, yet seems such an obvious idea that I'm terrified someone will beat me to the App Store). I'll be sure to post about it, and trumpet my use of AppCode, when it's complete.

Anyway, using AppCode has been a great experience. There are so many little features that show a terrific level of care and attention. And the ease of communicating with JetBrains about problems that do arise is a joy (an open bug database! Yay!).

I saw a post the other day arguing for the use of dot-notation in Objective-C specifically to promote ease of text searching, which gave me a jolt. I had almost forgotten how crude it would seem to use an "IDE" that isn't code-aware. AppCode really does set the standard now.


Yandex Weather for iPad was developed primarily in AppCode. Xcode was used for debugging (project contains several thousands of files and Xcodes increment app updates was extremely useful, but not coding).

TheRules (Russian Language Rules) was created with early private version of AppCode.

And several more, can't tell which exactly. :)


We're developing Sleep Cycle alarm clock and VS. Racing 1 and 2 using App Code.


I work on a popular iOS app. I do all my editing in AppCode, and most of the build config etc in Xcode.
The Xcode integration gets better with every release, but even now I can't imagine working on iOS code without AppCode.


I'm using App code to develop the next version of the Feel Good Tracker App.

I'd love to get feedback on the Feel Good Tracker if anyone gets it.

I've been using intellij for the past 10 years for java development. I've only been using App code for a little while but it seems really good!

Is there a way to generate test classes for Objective-C like there is for Java?



I've now switched to using AppCode in every project I'm working on. One of them is upcoming

I must say great job guys! I really do love working with AppCode :)


Dave, thank you for your feedback!

Currently, there is no such a feature in AppCode, but it is planned, please vote for


Wow, guys!

Your feedback is terrific, thank you very much for your time and support!
We'll do our best to keep the grade and make AppCode even more enjoyable to work with.

Not everyone is willing to try something different from Apple's Xcode, but your feedback may persuade them to reconsider. If you want to help us spread the word about AppCode, share this post so people decide to try it and see is they like it or not.

We are now going full steam ahead to the AppCode 1.6 update and will soon open the Early Access Program so you can try it and see how it is improved  - and we hope it is ;).

Stay tuned and develop with pleasure!
-The AppCode Team


Hi there,
I developed Player Stats with AppCode: (small utility for Battlefield 3 players ;))

It's my 1rst app and it has 50 000+ users. I'm already used to IntelliJ IDEA so I was very happy to discover AppCode. Keep up the great work.



I'm a Resharper user for a long time. When the same guys came up with AppCode I was very excited.

I made 3 apps, 1 with XCode & a bit with AppCode, 2 with AppCode and a little bit of XCode.

All MIDI controllers for Arturia Virtual Synthesizers



Been developing some games, first title seen here:

Been using AppCode since the EAP program, helped immensely, especially in the final staging and testing. Currently, I am developing the next game in the Max Power series.


I used App Code to develop two existing apps and the App that I'm currently developing. I've used Intellij "with pleasure" for about 10 years using App Code on my iOS projects is a no-brainer.

Feel Good Tracker

Feel Good Tracker Free


I'm currently developing an iPad App to visualise 'Big Data' with engaging graphics, in tandem with a Java WebService (using Hibernate) to query the database and enable highly efficient data transfer between the two.

This means I have both IntelliJ and AppCode open at the same time, and run debugger sessions simultaneously on both while performing WebService integration tests from the iOS Simulator (with GHUnit).

JetBrains take you higher... a holy communion with the code.  I could never use anything less.


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