Change color of '#pragma mark -' in structure view

Is it possible to change the color of the '#pragma mark -' inside the structure tree view?

At the moment they are only displayed in a bold font, I would prefer to have them with a different, more visible color.

Anyone managed to accomplish this?



you can set up the style in Preferences -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Objective-C -> Preprocessor directive


Roger, color and font of the directives in structure view is not configurable at the moment.
Is there specific reason you want to change it?


Well I just think it would help get a better overview of my code. In Xcode the pragma marks are more prominent outlined in the function overview and I personally like it that way.

If it would be customiyable, or take the values which were chosen for the editor that would be more convenient for me.


OK, thanks for clarification, we'll see what we can do do improve the overview.


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