Support for XCTest

AppCode 2.1.2 does not support running Xcode's (DP5) recent test framework XCTest. Since Xcode 5 seems to have problems in running OCTest, there's no way to work with unit tests in both, Xcode 5 and AppCode 2.1.2 at the moment.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create new iOS project in Xcode 5
2. Verify unit tests are running in Xcode 5 (CMD+U) and test template fails as expected
3. Open project in AppCode

no option to run tests, creating a new run OCTest run configuration fails

Expected Result:
Tests created by Xcode are accessible via existing run configuration when opening project in AppCode for the first time.

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XCTest framework currently is not supported in 2.1.x. we are already wokring on it and it will be available in 2.x EAP comin in a few weeks.
Stay tuned!

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Thank you for your quick response. I wasn't aware of YouTrack as issue tracker, sorry for the duplicate. Looking forward to the update, kind of weird to switch between the two tools for testing/refactoring at the moment...


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