Add a Library Source type in Project Settings?


I often work with different type of library versions for testing and development. They are not installed in the system path, but all in their own directory directory (with no virtualenv). I have them added as Source in my Python Project, and depending on the version I test, I often need to switch between them in the Project Settings, which is handy. The problem when working with large code base (django for example), is that Search usage on a class will search for __init__ everywhere in the Project and takes forever.

As I understood, there is no "External Library" support for PyCharm, although I do not understand why.

In order to replace that function, would it be possible to add a "Source Library" type in the Project Settings pane, along with Source and Excluded? That type would be colored in a different way and wouldn't be in the default refactoring or search usage path, but would be included in the "Project and Libraries" one.

Or maybe is there another supported solution that I am not aware of? Does anyone know how to go around that?


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