Impressed by your pace, and quality of 2.1

I was just reporting a bug for 2.1, and in the bug tracker noticed that there was the option for version 2.1.1.. I diligently downloaded it and lo-and-behold the bug was fixed before I even reported it!! This has happened to me several times of late.

I've been immensely impressed with how quick you guys are knocking out bugs the last couple of months; and blown away by the performance optimizations we now see in 2.1.

It certainly must be a testimony to your coding prowess. It seems the longer this project goes on; the better appcode gets internally and superficially, which must mean that you guys are some genuiney shit-hot developers with an ever improving codebase.

I'm doing unity3d/iOS projects for now; and I've actually moved as much code into native as possible becauase even with using visual studio with resharper; I can't get anywhere near the level of productivity I get with appcode.

So.. I thank you all, and salute you. It's simply a wonderful IDE; and continually impresses me to the point where I have to explain to my wife why it's so good ;).. I don't think xcode will ever compete with you guys when it comes to serious productivity tools for serious software engineers - I expect my yearly license purchase will continue to be my annual-best-value-and-most-valuable business purchase.

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