How to add unit tests to a project?

I've created a project but did not check the include unit tests box. Now of course I would like to add unit tests.

Is there anyway of doing this in appcode? I guess the broader question is if it's possible to add a target to a project in appcode
or must I head over into XCode land (shudder) to do that?



Nuthin' huh? Too bad.



Hi Rick,

For the moment XCode is required for most project configuration, including adding a unit-test (or any) target.
There are open issues for AppCode to add this functionality internally in the future. See for instance OC-561


our apologies for the late response - we were quite busy preparing 2.1 release.

Anyway, as Maarten pointed correctly, currently you need Xcode to configure the project and add targets.
When there is a test target in the project, you can add new test files in AppCode and change individual files membership using 'Manage Targets...' context action in Project View tool window.


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