Theme: 'Tomorrow Night' or similar that works with AppCode 2.x?

Is there a themes directory out there compatible with AppCode 2.0?

The famous 'Tomorrow Night' theme used to work with AppCode 1.x, but doesn't look right in AppCode 2.x.

Has anyone forked a version that will work with AppCode 2.x or have a similarly put together theme?

Ideally, JetBrains would host a theme gallery people could acess. Perhaps there is one I just haven't found?

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I've uploaded a Settings.jar for those of you also looking.

Not finding anything, I tried to manually match up colors from the official 'Tomorrow Night' theme as viewed in Xcode, and bring those over manually through the Preferences GUI of AppCode 2.0.3.

I'm attaching the resulting 'settings.jar' file that you can import. Then select the 'Tomorrow Night 2 - Sohail' (assuming my theme names got preserved). You can then save-as and rename the theme as you wish.

Note that this isn't a full fidelity or exhaustive port, but it did make me feel like I'm looking at the same theme in AppCode as I do when I switch to Xcode.


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