Creating PyCharm plugins

Hello folks,

What is the process for creating plugins for PyCharm?

I'd like to create tools for some of my companys internal utilities but so far I only see information about creating plugins for Idea.



The process is essentially the same. PyCharm is basically a subset of IntelliJ IDEA with the Python plugin.

For more specific questions, use the Open API and Plugin Development forum:


I figured that much, but I wasn't completely certain whether I could only build plugins in Idea or not. Also, I'm curious (because it's not entirely obvious) where to specify what applications the plugin is targeted for. The plugin list for Idea is clearly much larger than the one for PyCharm for instance. When you run "Prepare Plugin Module for Deployment" there is no dialog box that asks which of the JetBrains IDEs you'd like to prepare it for... nor does it appear that there is any easy way to test it in PyCharm, running the plugin always runs IntelliJ.

I'll try the other forums.


How does one write the plugin.xml for a PythonRunConfigurationExtension ?


<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
<Pythonid.runConfigurationExtension implementation=""/>

? is this the way ? Are there other tags required ?
I am trying to create such an extension but my Java code is not called.

I got it to work with


extensions defaultExtensionNs="Pythonid">
<runConfigurationExtension implementation=""/>

I have the same issue, but IntelliJ does not recognize 



I am using Gradle so I know I should add a dependency in the build.gradle file, but I don't know exactly how. 


See details about platforms compatibility at

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