Disable code completion when hitting tab?

Let's say I want to declare a variable like this:

float     mMyFloat;

After I type "float" a list box appears with code completion suggestions. As soon as I press the tab key, it selects the first suggested thing (which winds up never being "float", it's like "__FLOAT_H") which is pretty annoying. So I always have to hit ESC before hitting tab.

For the code completion options page I have the following:

Case sensitive completion: none
Autocomplete when only one choice: nothing selected
Sort lookup items lexicographically (checked)
Autopopup code completion in (ms): 0 (and checked)
Preselect the first suggestion: never
Insert selected variant by typing dot, space, etc. (unchecked)
Autopopup documentaion (ms): 1000 (and checked)
And both settings checked under the "Parameter info" section.

Is there a way to not auto complete when I hit tab? Thanks. I'm using AppCode 2.0.2 Build #OC-129.280


it is most likely that the issue is caused by statistic and a related issue (OC-5945).
Can you please attach the screenshot of the completion list?
Also, try reproducing the problem on your code base with a clean settings (move ~/Library/Preferences/appCode20 to a safe place before experimenting and put it back when you are done) - does it recur?


Sorry for the late reply, I'm apparently not getting email notifications...

Attached is the screenshot showing the autocomplete list. When I use clean settings, the regular "float" is listed first.

Regardless of the suggestion order though, is there a reason it's autocompleting when I hit tab? I was under the impression that based on the settings I have enabled/disabled, that AppCode shouldn't be autocompleting when I press tab no matter what...

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 3.51.01 PM.png

completion with TAB is a standard 'always-on' behaviour.
Providing that the original problem with _FLOAT macro is s statistical issue, do you still want to diable TAB in completion? If yes, why?

BTW, to clear only the completion statistic, remove ~/Library/Caches/AppCode20/stats folder; this should be enough to reset all completion lists to the default state.


If nuking the stats folder will solve the problem then I suppose it's a moot point. My desire to disable tab completion was to get around any code completion bugs. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see if it works. Thanks!


So I just deleted that stats folder....and it doesn't fix the problem. I'm still getting the wrong float completion along with int and a few others as well. Anything else I should try to reset? I'd be loathe to nuke my entire settings file and have to reconfigure everything from the start.


For a low cost test, you can always move/rename the current settings directory to test something, and then move it back later to restore your settings.
Just do the moves with AppCode shut down.


Ya, I've done that before and it does indeed result in the problem going away (no erroneous autocompletes), but the problem is that if I keep it that way I of course have to reset everything which takes quite a bit of time. Since deleting the "stat" folder didn't solve the problem, I'm assuming it lies in some other file....


OK so I tried disabling the option "Sort lookup items lexicographically" and that seems to fix the issue.


Thanks for the issue description, I've created a YouTrack request for it: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-106583 which you can watch/vote


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