CocoaPods & AppCode 2.0.3

Hi, new to objc so I imagine the issue lies with my understanding of building objc apps.

Created a project using appcode.

Installed a lib using cocoapods.

I can run and use the library fine from xcode.

Using appcode I get library not found for -lPods

I see cocoapods says use the xcworkspace.

Am I meant todo something in appcode to get it to use the xcworkspace etc ?



Ah, I opened the actual xcworkspace with appcode and it wll worked.

Guess I was expecting appcode to detect the change.


I have a similar issue.  I'm opening the .xcworkspace project, and it doesn't offer help implementing delegate methods, nor am I able to get command click on classes such as CLLocationAccuracy to look at the sources.

Tatiana Shabaeva

Hi Manesh.

It's a 5-year-old thread, a lot has changed in AppCode since then. Could you report an issue in our tracker and provide a sample project to reproduce (or at least some more details on what CocoaPods you're using in the project and sample code where you're trying to navigate to CLLocationAccuracy declaration from)?


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