Way to make highlighting much more obvious?

I love AppCode's features such as "show usage". However once I've been taken to a usage in the code, it's really not obvious which line is being highlighted; often other stuff is highlighted, and more strongly!

Also, the line in question can be anywhere in the editor display -- centre, or towards the bottom or top, etc. -- if it was centered on display it would be obvious.

Is there a way to have AppCode make it really really obvious which is the line in question that the usage is on? I'm using the Darcula theme in case that's relevant.


I just noticed a case where I did "show usage" and selected a usage. The editor showed the line, but there was no highlighting at all on that line, and the cursor was on a different line! This happens all the time. Using latest version 2.0.2.


You can tweak a lot of the highlighting in the preferences under Editor => Colors & Fonts => General

For instance, the 'identifier under caret' can be made to use a brighter highlight, and add additional effects such as a box drawn around the various usages of the identifier.
Also, write access can be highlighted differently from read access, which I find very useful.


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