TFS Changeset file count limited to 200 files

I just noticed that my last checkin of 225 files was split into two individual changesets the first having 200 files and the second the remaining 25. Luckily our gated build process was down at the time, otherwise I am sure it would have failed both changesets.

This change seems to have taken place since the 2.0 update, but at the same time it is rare that I checkin 225 files at a time. Can someone please tell me where to remove that limitation?

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Hello Jacob,

It looks like IDEA-54846
There is a setting that allows to customize the limit.

This splitting was introduced a while ago to avoid problems with TFS servers that had problems with larger sets of files being sent for checkin. Probably newer versions of TFS don't have this limitation, so the split will be removed in future.


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