ideavim plugin behavior change: center line on insert?

In one of the builds leading up to the 2.0 release of PyCharm, the ideavim plugin default behavior seems to have changed, and I'd like to know how to undo that change. In GA 1.x builds of pycharm, ideavim never vertically scrolled my window to center the active line vertically in the window. Now it does. So for example if my cursor is on the last line of the buffer and I enter 'insert' mode, that line becomes centered in the buffer. I know this is an option you can turn on in vim, but it really doesn't fit my brain at all, and I can't find this option to turn it *off* in ideavim. Anyone have a clue for me?

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Hello Brian,

It looks like a bug, I've created an issue for you:

Feel free to vote, comment and get notified once it is fixed.

Also please mind answering some questions in the issue.




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