why cant i create the folder and group at the same time?

hello all:
i cant create the folder while im creating a group any more....
im a newbie of AppCode and i love it very much.
is there anything in wrong setting about my AppCode?

any hints?

best regards


create group.png
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Check what's selected in the Project Tool Window when you select 'New Group'. Try from a couple of different locations in the project tree. From some locations, 'Create Folder' isn't available. I'm not 100% sure why: something to do with the path of the selected project node, I think.

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It is not possible to create a folder inside a 'virtual group' (marked with semi-transparent icon); mostly becasue it doesn't make much sense to have such configurations.
But we are open to discussion.

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thank you all you guys above.
issue fixed!

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Makes enough sense as-is, I think. Just the fact that AppCode makes folders for groups at all is a joy compared to the messes you end up with Xcode.


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